Isaac & Lilah: A story of similarities and differences


Whilst the story stays the same, the design of the book has been updated and the book was published in 2022. Let your child follow the microtia butterfly with their finger through the book whilst you read it together.



This book was written for young children with microtia to help them to become aware of their little ears in a positive way, by looking at similarities and differences between themselves and others.

When self awareness begins to develop at an early age, and they start asking questions about what they notice, this book provides a fantastic starting point for such discussions using clear, child friendly language, and photographs.

Isaac and Lilah is a versatile book that’s not only suitable for young children with microtia, their siblings, relatives and friends, but also for nurseries and schools, hearing impairment centres, and speech and language units. A must have for your book shelf!

Written by Liz Jones (Trustee, Microtia UK)
Updated and published in 2022.

Post Author: Ashley Rycroft

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