Where our funding goes

Microtia UK is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. Every donation is important to us and we are grateful for each contribution we receive. Your generosity helps us to support the following areas in relation to microtia:

  1. Developing research in the field of Microtia

    (Examples include: stem cell research, regenerative medicine, psychological, spatial hearing, the impact of BAHAs.)

  2. Community Development

    (Examples include: venue hire for events, refreshments, travel, entertainment at events for children.)

  3. Education and Publications

    (Examples include: developing leaflets for medical professionals about ‘what to do when a baby is born with Microtia’; publish a Transition to School booklet, develop website.)

    If you have a preference to the area you would like like your contribution to go to, please let us know by emailing info@microtiauk.org

Tina Rycroft receiving a generous donation from GSE UK, March 2018
AGILIS Mobile sponsored our fundraising adult vests and children’s t-shirts, June 2018. Hana, Liz, Ali (Microtia UK trustees) with Tina (Microtia UK fundraiser) and AGILIS Mobile