Grant Opportunities

Microtia UK would like to support research that provides a better understanding of microtia by promoting advancement and improvement of care or life of those affected.

If you know of a project which would benefit those with microtia, can you please send you basic proposal to

You might be then requested to provide more information.

Please note, the project has to benefit the wider microtia community as we hope to make as positive impact as possible. The project can be psychology related, research and development into hearing impact, research and development into hearing aids, research and development into reconstruction, but we are happy to consider other areas if they would benefit the wider community of those with microtia.


The below areas represent out key areas of research we are looking into:

Area 1: Reconstructive Surgery: Improvement of current methods or research into new methods. Key objective: to reduce the current risks and pain to the patient. Grant available 5k GBP.  Despite advances in reconstructive surgery, the great number of patients needing ear reconstruction (otoplasty)—many of them children—must still endure painful and complex procedures first devised nearly a century ago. Synthetic materials developed in the 1990s are the current “best” option, but are prone to high-rates of infection or extrusion. It is time to improve.Today, advances in materials science, nanotechnology and regenerative medicine offer the prospect of a new era of reconstructive surgery—one that uses new biomaterials to greatly improve the process, and success, of ear reconstruction. For example, the UCL team, led by world-renowned Professor Alex Seifalian at the UCL Centre for Nanotechnology and Regenerative Medicine at the Royal Free Hospital, is at the forefront of this field.

Area 2: Psychology: Examples of what we would fund: Positive impact on self confidence of those who “look” different. Understanding and research of impact of looking different. Grant available 5k GBP

Area 3: Single Sided Deafness and understanding its impact. Grant available 2.5k GBP

Area 4: Improved hearing technology for Microtia patients or risk reduction of the surgery associated. Grant available 4k GBP

If you have a project that you think would benefit from a research grant, please send us a short proposal summarising how the money would help to make a difference within the preffered research area, together with who would be working on the project and who would have overall responsibility. All enquiries should be sent to

Indya aged 8, left sided Microtia with Richard Hardcastle, Chief Anaplastologist at Bradford Teaching Hospital, having a prosthetic ear fitted