Top tips for BAHA surgery

As recommended by some members of the Microtia Mingle UK Support Group
  • Have pain killers in stock at home
  • Pyjamas that button up are more handy to get on/off whilst the bandage is in place
  • Spare pyjamas incase of any accidents
  • Plenty of snacks/drinks for the patient and for those who are staying with them
  • Take a magazine, book, colouring pad, iPad, charger and headphones, playing cards, portable DVD player and DVDs etc. incase there is a wait
  • A pen and labels to name and date food for the parents fridge
  • A comforter item or teddy for reasurrance
  • Fully charged mobile phone and charger
  • Money for parking, hospital canteen and vending machines
  • Notify school/work that you may need time off
  • Some people shave the area where the BAHA will be situated
  • A special gift for after surgery for being brave
  • Keep the area clean – cooled boiled water and cotton buds are a good option to use
  • Explain to family/young siblings/friends about the surgery so that they are aware to be careful around the patient
  • Keep the softband to hand – this will be used until the patient sees audiology a few weeks later
  • BAHA surgery can be a traumatic experience for parents to see their young one go through. Often parents worry more than the child about the whole process. This can be the same if you are an adult having the surgery. Remember to talk to family or friends about your thoughts and feelings whether they are positive or negative. You are welcome to post on our Facebook group
  • Purchase “Isaac gets his BAHAs fitted” from our shop – This book has been developed to help to prepare children for Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) surgery and follow the journey of 6 year old Isaac during his hospital visits and operation. An informative book using photographs and clear, child friendly language. A must have for when your child is ready to make this decision. Written by Liz Jones (Trustee, Microtia UK).

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