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Innovative brand-new technology

ADHEAR bone conduction system is a revolutionary, non-surgical hearing solution that is a perfect choice for adults and children of all ages. ADHEAR can be an excellent option for anyone who is affected by conductive hearing loss, awaiting bone conduction surgery, has a blocked ear canal, glue ear, or a middle ear which doesn’t function correctly after infections or surgeries.

The ADHEAR is light and discreet as it’s worn inconspicuously behind your ear making it an excellent choice for children.

  • No age limit
  • No surgery
  • Simple application and handling
  • High wearing comfort
  • No pressure onto skin
  • Reliable hearing system offering consistent access to sound
  • Discrete
  • Design covers available
  • Lockable battery door
How does ADHEAR work

ADHEAR works with the principle of bone conduction to help you hear. This means that the hearing system converts sound into vibrations and transfers them to the bone. The bone can conduct vibrations to the inner ear where they are perceived as sound.

To watch a short video (1 minutes 23 seconds) on how ADHEAR works, simply click on the image below;

ADHEAR is gentle

The novel system has just two external parts: an adhesive pad which sticks gently behind the ear and an audio processor which clicks onto this; together they don’t apply any pressure onto the skin.

This unique system sees the adhesive staying securely in place which allows you or your child to enjoy a continual hearing experience without interruption caused by movement, which can sometimes occur with bone conduction headbands.  In addition, the close proximity to the inner ear ensures sound information can be transferred efficiently.

ADHEAR is reliable

ADHEAR delivers clear hearing benefit. Tests have shown that the performance of this new bone conduction system is comparable or even better than that of other similar bone conduction devices.

ADHEAR is cosmetically appealing

ADHEAR is extremely comfortable to wear, delivers immediate results and it also looks great. It is simple to use and so easy to put on in the morning it becomes part of your daily routine. With its gentle adhesive pad it’s as easy as: Stick. Click. Hear.


  1. Stick the adhesive pad onto the skin behind the ear
  2. Click the audio processor onto the adhesive pad
  3. Hear

How William’s life has been changed with ADHEAR

To see what a difference ADHEAR has made to one of young users, 11-year-old William, click the image below and scroll down to the video.

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The First Active Bone Conduction Implant

The BONEBRIDGE is the first active bone conduction implant system that leaves the skin intact; with no abutments the implant is placed completely underneath the skin for a discrete option and no daily wound care.  This ensures an extremely low risk of skin complications or infection.

This visually-appealing system consists of the SAMBA 2, an externally worn audio processor, and a surgically-inserted bone conduction implant (BCI 602) that lies directly beneath the skin. The compact audio processor can be worn discreetly beneath the hair, or with a range of vibrant design covers you may choose to stand out in the crowd.

BONEBRIDGE for Children – A comfortable and simple hearing solution for younger users

We understand that each individual child has unique needs when it
comes to choosing the right hearing system for them. The BONEBRIDGE
hearing implant solution can be an effective solution if your child has a
conductive hearing loss, mixed hearing loss or single-sided deafness or
following middle ear operations and malformations.

The BONEBRIDGE is suitable for everyone five years and above.

The BONEBRIDGE offers your child;

  • Intact skin – no open wound
  • Intelligent automatic sound tracking means there’s no need to change programmes
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Gentle surgery
  • Nothing in the ear canal
  • Simple handling
  • Immediate access to MRI if required– no surgery required to remove the implant
How the BONEBRIDGE works

With conductive or mixed hearing loss, sound cannot take the natural path through the outer and middle ear to the inner ear. With the BONEBRIDGE, the sound waves are transmitted via bone conduction directly to the inner ear, where they are processed as natural sound.

Watch the video how the BONEBRIDGE works by clicking the image below;

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Middle Ear Implant

SOUNDBRIDGE is designed for people with mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss, as well as for those with conductive or mixed hearing loss.

Hearing with SOUNDBRIDGE is very similar to hearing naturally. The SAMBA 2 Audio Processor picks up sounds and sends them through the skin to the SOUNDBRIDGE implant. The SOUNDBRIDGE then takes these sound waves and turns them into mechanical vibrations. The mechanical vibrations stimulate the cochlea, which sends sound signals to the brain and allows you to understand the sounds around you.


  • Intact skin – no open wounds
  • Natural sound quality
  • Preservation of delicate ear structures single-point attachment
  • Long-term reliability
  • Comfortable to wear

SOUNDBRIDGE is built to give you a lifetime of better hearing. With the latest in hearing technology, plus a reliable, MRI-compatible design, you can hear your best for many years to come.

With the SAMBA 2, you have an audio processor that’s built for your lifestyle. Flexible connectivity options, chic Design Covers, and all packed into a compact, comfortable device.

See SOUNDBRIDGE in action by watching the video below

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