New Children’s Book!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new and inspiring children’s book, commissioned to raise positive awareness of individuality, diversity, equality and inclusion among children.

‘MI9: The Beginning’, tells a captivating tale of five children who each embrace what makes them different to overcome challenges and save the day in this superhero action-filled adventure story.

The book features positive representations of these unique and inspiring characters who work together on a top secret mission! Nothing can stop these kids from succeeding. While navigating life at home, at school and with friends, each of the characters discover what makes them unique in the best possible way. This book can help us all to value and celebrate individuality in children through an epic superhero tale. So join Billy, who was born with microtia, on his exciting adventure!

Available to buy as a full colour book or eBook on our website. Also available for £6.99 in black in white on Amazon!

Recommended for ages 8+
Written by Adam Rood.
Illustrations by Lesley Danson and Lorraine Wilkins.
Published by SpiffingCovers.

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