Hearpeers Mentor Webinar

Brought to you by MED-EL

Meet ADHEAR user, Allison

The fourth of the Hearpeers webinar series, held in partnership with MED-EL, will be hosted by Allison, a bone conduction hearing system user, who wears the ADHEAR.

Allison will discuss her life prior to receiving the ADHEAR, how her confidence and independence has grown and how she finally accepted that she had a hearing loss and needed help!

Allison has had a hearing loss for most of her life, which failed to be recognised until the age of 16. After refusing hearing aids in her early adult life, she came to terms with needing help 5 years ago when she received the ADHEAR, and has not looked back since! 

“I love the ADHEAR, it’s my little buddy! Small and discreet, fully hidden behind my ear and under my hair. No surgery, no pain but lots to gain!”

Join Allison in this webinar as she discusses her experiences of living with a hearing loss, how she came to terms with needing help with her hearing, learning that she had a cholesteatoma in her ear which needed surgery, and the impact it has on her career, hobbies and everyday life, followed by a Q&A session.

This webinar will be held on Saturday 24th June at 11am, click on the link below to book your place. 

CLICK HERE – 24/06/2023 11am

Link – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/7S6DP69

Post Author: Tina Rycroft