Research Projects

Thanks to the Microtia community and their friends and families generosity, Microtia UK has recently been able to issue the following research grants:-

1) Aston University, Dr Amanda Hall for further research into Single Sided Deafness

2) Centre for Appearance Research, University of England, Bristol for further research of psychological impact if Microtia.

3) Great Ormond Street Hospital for cell Incubator to try to improve ear and facial reconstruction method for the future.

4) Scottish National Ear Reconstruction Services & the University of Edinburgh for Scaffold identification for ear reconstruction.

 All results be shared with the Microtia community and medical professionals linked to Microtia.
If you have project that you think would benefit from a research grant, please let us know.

Please see the below areas we are looking into: (Key for any of these is advancement and improvement of care or life of those with Microtia, or a better understanding of Microtia.)

  • Area 1: Reconstructive Surgery – Improvement of current methods or research into new methods – key objective: to reduce the current risks and pain to the patient 5k GBP
  • Area 2: Psychology -Examples of what we would fund: Positive impact on self confidence of those who “look” different. Understanding and research of impact of loking different 5k GBP
  • Area 3: Single Sided Deafness and understanding its impact 2500 GBP
  • Area 4: Improved hearing technology for Microtia patients or risk reduction of the surgery associated 4k GBP

We would require a short proposal summarising how the money would help to make a difference within the preferred research area together with who would be working on the project and who would have overall responsibility.

All enquiries to contact