Molly’s Story

My name is Molly and I am nearly 9. I love my little Pony, monster high and writing stories. I also like reading. I really like Jaqueline Wilson and Michael Morpugo and want to be a write when I grow up. I also have Microtia on the right hand side.

When I was born my mum didn’t notice my ear at first—the doctor and my dad saw it when they took me away to be checked. But the thing is, my mum didn’t really mind because she has Microtia too—on the left side (this is great as we can talk to each other when we’re walking down the road!)

My mum is quite old and she had 32 operations on her ear when she was little!! That makes me really sad for her. She had her last operation this year when they closed a hole they had made when she was only 2. She’s loads happier now!

What I think of my ear

Sometimes, I get really fed up, and sometimes I just forget about it. When I was in early years three of the boys in my class decided to be really horrible to me and said things like ‘why did your ear fall off?’ and ‘you’ve got a stupid ear’ 

I was really upset and told my mum who spoke to my teacher. My teacher was BRILLIANT! She thought we should have a morning of talking about differences and I got to stand up and tell everyone about my ear. That was a bit scary but when everyone realised I was just the same as them, they didn’t say anything else so that really worked. My teacher was so pleased that she asked me to talk to the whole school in assembly! Now that’s scary! I did it though and I was a bit shaky. My headteacher was really proud and my mum cried (typical!)

I don’t have a hearing aid because when I thought I might like one the hospital said they couldn’t pay for it. I’ve got used to only hearing on one side now though and now they will pay for it I don’t know if I want one. It is difficult sometimes but my teachers are really good and remember where I should sit. My year 4 teacher and me have a special sign that I make if I can’t hear! Like a spy story or something!!

My friends sometimes forget too, but then I just move round and they remember so that’s good.

What I think about having a new ear

A little while ago I started getting really worried about when I go to my next school. I thought that maybe some people will start to bully me or be unkind so I decided I would like to have a new ear made. My mum and dad and me all talked about it and they said I would have to think very hard and make a decision when I was ready. Mum and me went to Great Ormond Street Hospital (day off school—yay!) and saw Mr Bulstrode and his doctor friends. He was very nice and explained it all to me. I don’t really know yet whether I want to have a new ear because there will be some operations and I don’t really like the sound of them. My mum says it’s loads different to when she was little and she also said she wasn’t really bullied at her big school only her junior school so I will probably be ok.

It’s a really hard thing to think about and I am still thinking about it.

Sometimes I get angry about my ear and I shout at my mum which makes her sad—she didn’t mean me to have it. I am lucky that my mum has it too, because we can be sad together and also we can ignore my dad and my bother and pretend we can’t hear them!

I hope that you enjoyed reading about me. I love writing.

Molly xx