Liz’s Story


My name is Liz I was born with Microtia to my left ear with complete hearing loss to that side but I still have hearing to my right side. I have been offered various options in my younger years to either reconstruct my little ear or to actually have a prostheic ear as a replacement, both my parents made the decision to wait until I was old enough to make the choice about surgery myself. I had a very happy childhood my family always embraced the fact I was special and I had a little feature to myself that not many other people have. Eventually i made the choice to leave it alone and not change it because it didnt bother me enough i would just keep it covered, through school I always had a little Bob haircut to stop the awkward questions.

When I was around the age of 11 following having hearing tests every year to see if any hearing would come back slightly, I was offered a BAHA on a headband to try, I was not a fan at all it was all too loud for me and not what I was used to at all! I was perfectly happy living life how I always have just having to say “pardon” a few times a day! I was never picked on, apart from the odd look/snigger and irritating questions from children in school. I had various on going jokes with my high school friends who were so supportive of me but would laugh along when a hearing joke was made and one even compared it to a sweetie shrimp which I found hilarious and rather cute.

I am now currently 23 and a registered general nurse and engaged to someone who also fully supports my little ear, he has said in the past to change it would mean I was changing a part of me. I have never ever let my hearing or my ear get me down I have faced challenges thrown at me and even enjoyed a time on stage singing when I was younger! Moral of the story is never ever let your disability or sometimes inability alter how you see life and how you live it!! Just because you have a different ear to other people doesn’t mean you can’t live life to the full. Embrace it, it’s actually quite cool.