Daniel’s Story

Up until learning of the Microtia Mingle community and understanding more about microtia itself, I have never reflected on how it affected my life. The memories I do have relate to my own confidence, not wanting people to notice, being nervous if people did mention it, and being worried what other people would say if they did notice my microita by calling me names or making fun.

I can safely say there were situations and activities I avoided with this fear of being in the spotlight in my educational life, sporting activities, and my professional career.

However, I want people to understand that microtia is something that needs to be embraced, as it wasn’t something I did as I never understood what microtia was! Not once has it stopped me from making friends – I did well at school and graduated from university, and have forged a career in cyber security. Microtia never had an impact on what I was able to achieve, and that is the same for everybody else. What I do suggest is that we make sure we understand what microtia is and have discussions about it with others if the need arises to educate them.


Lastly, how boring would it be if we were all the same!