BHM – next generation of bone conduction hearing systems

Hearing is much more than simply perceiving sounds, noises and words. Hearing is the key to the world. At BHM, our goal is to offer people with hearing loss a significant increase in quality of life – by delivering innovative hearing devices. The core expertise offered by BHM comprises bone conduction hearing systems in a wide variety of applications without any risk from surgery.

How bone conduction hearing systems work

Bone conduction systems receive and amplify sound waves, transforming them into vibrations that are forwarded directly to the cranial bone. The vibrations are perceived by the cochlea (the portion of the inner ear shaped like a small shell) as tones, with any obstructions in the middle or outer ear being circumvented. Bone conduction hearing systems are mainly worn behind the ear near the mastoid.


Types of bone conduction hearing system

These systems are available as non-implantable devices combined with glasses or integrated in headgear, hairbands etc. The major advantage of these hearing systems is that any risk in relation to surgery can be avoided. This is where BHM, the Austrian hearing aid developer and manufacturer, comes in.


Bone conduction hearing systems by BHM

BHM is a specialist in non-surgical solutions using bone conduction technology. The Austrian specialist manufacturer offers a miniature bone conduction hearing system and a pocket hearing device that can be adapted – due to being extremely flexible – to the individual needs of each wearer. In Addition, spectacle wearers can have their hearing aid integrated into their glasses. Bone conduction hearing glasses are a vision aid and a hearing device in one, as the glasses temple sends vibrations to the inner ear. BHM bone conduction glasses are notable for their high level of comfort, as well as their reliability, technical innovation and excellent hearing experience – tailored precisely to the needs of each wearer. BHM also offers a wide range of fashionable fronts and extension tips.


Contact mini – developed specially for children

The small contact mini adds a hearing aid designed specially for children to the BHM range of bone conduction hearing systems. Contact mini was developed specially for children with mild to moderate hearing loss. The compact device consists of two interconnected units: an electronic compartment and a tiny miniature receiver that can be easily and invisibly integrated into diverse types of headwear, hairbands or head jewellery. Children therefore benefit from total freedom of movement and are not restricted in any way. More and more adults are also discovering the benefits of contact mini. Sports enthusiasts, in particular, find that contact mini is a practical companion when running or skiing, for example, seeing that it can be integrated into sports caps and ski helmets, among others.



Available now!

contact forte – the ultimate high-end hearing system for best hearing support

contact forte is a digital, all-in-one bone conduction hearing system which compensates for mild to moderate hearing impairment, processing and amplifying sound and then transmitting it to the inner ear. The new device will come with improved technology. Wireless connection to various communication devices, for example via Bluetooth, is possible. Therefore, you can connect your device with your Smartphone and use it as remote control with the associated app.


A summary of all the key details

  • Unbeatable variety of wearing options
  • All-in-one system
  • Bluetooth-compatible
  • Can be regulated via the “BHM smart control” app
  • Splash proof

Quality made in Austria

BHM develops sophisticated hearing systems that are manufactured exclusively in Austria and marketed worldwide.

Its wealth of experience and commitment to perfection make BHM a globally respected specialist in bone and air conduction hearing devices.

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