Are you the parent or carer of a child with unilateral hearing loss and single sided microtia?


The Audiology department at the University of Aston, Birmingham is looking for parents and carers to take part in a new research study funded by Microtia UK. The study will investigate how parents and carers of children make decisions about managing their child’s unilateral hearing loss.

If you are the parent or carer of a child aged 11 years or younger, with singled sided microtia and hearing loss, we would like to invite you to take part in our research study.

The study involves an interview with our researcher about how you make decisions about your child’s hearing. The interviewer is happy to come to your home at a time that is suitable to you or you can go to them. To find out more, please see our accompanying information sheet here


To take part in the study, please email our researcher Saira Hussain:
 Thank you!