New Parents

Congratulations on the birth of your baby!

Becoming a new parent is both one of the most wonderful and challenging times of your life. The Microtia UK New Parents Guide has been developed to help you during those early years to understand more about Microtia


Click on the image to view the New Parents Guide
Click on the image to view the New Parents Guide

I have just read the New Parents Guide and it is absolutely amazing! Now you’re going to think I’m exaggerating but I nearly cried while I read it, as it reminded me of the fact that I had no help/advice when my son was born just over 7 years ago and there were definitely no information booklets available! It has everything about Microtia in it and answers many questions that parents may have. It is a great tool to use to show health visitors, doctors, GP’s etc. when trying to explain what Microtia is every time. The ‘Telling Others’ page really got to me as I found it hard to tell others when my son was born, even hiding it from Facebook for 2 months and extended family and I struggled to bond with him for 6 months. When he was newborn I used to put his blanket up to his neck and cover his little ear with it so no one would notice as I shopped around Tesco, as I thought I would get funny looks or negative thoughts about me as a parent. The booklet is truly amazing and so are the elephants, wristbands etc. Thank you so much, I’m so happy and glad that there are people out there that are doing something about helping people with Microtia.

                                                        Tina Rycroft mother to Charlie, left sided microtia

Elle, left sided Microtia and currently studying to be a dance teacher at Reynolds Performing Arts College

We are very happy to receive requests for hard copies of our New Parents Guide. Please email for further information