Microtia UK
Microtia UK
MED-EL have been unable to hold their regular Patient Engagement days which have proved popular over the last few years. Their planned webinar series will commence in February for both potential candidates and existing users.

Series 1:
• About MED-EL
• Types of Hearing Loss
• Types of Implants
• Referral Process
• Q&A Session

They understand that one date and time will not suit everyone, so they have a choice of 3 available sessions to choose from (same content repeated over the 3 dates)

• Evening Thursday 4th February at 7.30pm
• Weekend Saturday 6th February at 11.00am
• Afternoon Thursday 11th February at 2.00pm

The webinar will last 40 minutes, and they are asking for candidates and users to register in advance – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/candidate_webinar2021

Future webinars will occur monthly and cover some of the topics below to name a few:

• Severe to profound Hearing Loss
• Alternatives to Hearing Aids
• Bone Anchored Hearing System – is there an alternative?
• Wireless Connectivity
• HearPeers Mentor Programme
• What’s New at MED-EL
• Your future with MED-EL

We hope that you will be able to join them for their first webinar.
Microtia UK
Microtia UK
Looking back at videos of when Matthew played his violin from his balcony every Thursday as he supported the UK in the 'Clap for the NHS'. Matthew was born with microtia but it has never held him back in learning to be a fantastic violin player. You can find more of Matthew's videos on YouTube and follow him on his page Matthew English Violinist 👏

Microtia UK
Microtia UK
We are looking for more life stories to be added to our website. Sharing your story can really make a difference to other people. If you or a family member would like to share their life story and experiences then please email tina@microtiauk.org. Also, if you have a story with us and would like to update it then please get in touch.

Victoria and Jake kindly shared their story with us 👇

Microtia UK
Microtia UK
Call for photographs! The Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) team is creating a bank of photos to help bring their research to life. If you’d like to share your #microtia photos and spread awareness, contact: Bruna.OliveiraCosta@uwe.ac.uk. Thank you!
Microtia UK
Microtia UK
A reminder that we have microtia friendly face masks for children and adults, face mask filters and hand sanitiser available for free on our website. We also have a small selection of free hearing goody bags thanks to Oticon Medical, BHM-Tech and MED-EL - www.microtiauk.org/shop

We are here to support you 🧡
Microtia UK
Microtia UK
Our popular charity clothing is now open for orders. We love Aoife's chosen hoodie 😃 You can personalise them for free by writing what you would like in the notes section of your order form. Thank you for supporting Microtia UK!