Baha® Bone Conduction Implants

For more than 35 years, people all over the world have connected to sound through a Baha® bone conduction implant. The Baha System uses the body’s natural ability to conduct sound through bone conduction, and has the potential to make an immediate and positive impact on how well you hear and communicate.
Your natural pathway to hearing

While a lot of the sound we hear travels to our ears through the air (air conduction), we actually hear a great deal through vibrations in the bone (bone conduction). When a person with normal hearing hears their own voice, most of what they actually hear comes through bone conduction.

Problems in your outer or middle ear can block or restrict the flow of sound waves, preventing them from getting through effectively to your inner ear. A hearing aid relies on forcing enough sound through these problem areas, whereas bone conduction implants uses the body’s natural ability to transfer sound. By exploiting the full potential of this natural process – you can hear better and clearer than ever before.

How it works

While a hearing aid tries to push sound through the damaged area, a Baha System uses the beauty of bone conduction to send clear, crisp sound directly to your inner ear. Today there are two types of Baha systems. Both offer unique Cochlear technology designed to help you hear and communicate with confidence.

  1. The sound processor captures sounds in the air.
  2. The sound processor turns the sound into vibrations and sends them through the abutment or magnetic connection to the small implant.
  3. The implant transmits the vibrations through the bone directly to your inner ear.

Baha® Softband

The Baha® Softband is designed specifically for infants and toddlers and is an ideal first step for children not yet ready for an implant. It provides young children with excellent hearing performance and the amplification they need to facilitate language development on par with their hearing peers.

Most comfortable solution

The new Baha Softband is specifically designed to relieve pressure on sensitive skin. A unique Baha SoftWear™ Pad sits snugly under the redesigned connector and gently adapts to the contours of the skin. Spreading force evenly and smoothly, it increases the contact area with the skin without any of the pressure points caused by hard, rigid plates. Pressure tests show that the Baha Softband with Baha SoftWear Pad (1) reduces pressure by 50%, and peak pressure by 66%, compared to other solutions (2).2

  1. Elasticated headband (free from natural rubber latex)
  2. Universal slider
  3. Built-in safety release
  4. Snap connector
  5. Baha SoftWear Pad
  6. Colour and pattern options


Baha® SoundArc

The new Cochlear™ Baha® SoundArc makes hearing through bone conduction a truly moving experience.
Exciting and unique

Existing demo and pre-surgery bone conduction devices don’t always live up to expectations, but that’s all about to change. Now there is an exciting new option, the unique Baha SoundArc. Whether it’s during the first demo, or longer term use, the SoundArc will allow you or your child to hear like never before.

Stylish and comfortable

The SoundArc has a modern look that everyone loves. It’s lightweight, practical and, like a pair of sunglasses, easy to put on and take off. It fits securely and comfortably, so you or your child can feel confident it will stay on, even when you are out having fun.

20 years of proven benefits

The SoundArc allows you to experience the benefits of the Baha 5 System in style and comfort, and gives you access to consistent and good amplification. It works in a similar way and has the same sound transmission capabilities as the Baha SoftBand, a hearing device that has helped children hear for more than 20 years.

Unlike “stick and go” solutions, the SoundArc is compatible with our full range of advanced Baha 5 sound processors, designed to help varying degrees of hearing loss throughout you or your child’s life.

Smart as always

Because the SoundArc is part of the Baha 5 System, you have access to the latest and smartest wireless connectivity. There are a range of wireless accessories that make it easier to hear in noisy sound environments, such as a classroom or restaurant, and apps to monitor and control your device direct from your smartphone. That’s just part of why Baha 5 is the world’s most popular choice in bone conduction.

SoundArc features

  1. Soft silicone tips and grips – provide a comfortable fit
  2. Steel spring band – designed to fit most shapes and sizes
  3. Baha SoftWearTM Pad – for improved comfort and sound transmission
  4. Baha Sound Processor – onnects with our full range of advanced processors

Ths SoundArc also comes in a range colours.*

* For full information on the Baha System and its components please click here


Please seek advice from your medical practitioner or health professional about treatments for hearing loss. They will be able to advise on a suitable solution for the hearing loss condition. All products should be used only as directed by your medical practitioner or health professional.

Not all products are available in all countries. Please contact your local Cochlear representative.


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