Aims and Objectives

  • We aim to keep up to date with the medical, scientific and technological advances within the fields of Microtia, hearing and reconstruction.
  • By keeping up to date with the advances in the area of Microtia and by giving parents a range of information we hope that they will be able to make informed choices about what is best for their child in conjunction with the professionals involved with the family.
  • We aim to organise annual events where families and medical professionals can come together to share information and discuss issues.
  • We aim to educate families, schools and medics about how to view ‘difference’ positively.
  • We are interested in developing psychological research related to a range of Microtia issues (including how people with Microtia view themselves; what is the psychological impact of having reconstructive surgery as a young child).
  • We would like to raise awareness of and campaign for equal access to hearing aids for all children with Microtia (unilateral and bilateral).
  • We would like to develop a range of publications and resources to support people with Microtia and the professionals that work in the field of Microtia.
  • We would like to be involved in the decision making at a management and policy level.



Alexis-Angel, aged 6, bilateral Microtia with magnet anchored BAHAs