Microtia Friendly
Non-Surgical Face Masks


These non-surgical face masks have been especially adapted to support those who are born with microtia. They fit comfortably and tie around the head – bypassing the ears. The face masks have a metal nose strip inserted and they have been created with 3 layers of high quality fabric and they are designed with a pocket to insert a filter if you so wish.

Face masks in two sizes:
Small – 10cm from nose top to chin (Approx. 2 – 10 years)
Medium – 12cm from nose top to chin (Approx. 11 years – adulthood)




PLEASE NOTE that whilst these masks are produced from high quality cotton, we are not making any medical claim about them. There is some evidence that having a three-layer cotton mask will protect others from the wearer and will give some protection to the wearer. The mask can also help a child to stop touching their mouth. However, wearing a mask is not a replacement for frequent hand washing and social distancing. The mask should be washed at 60 degrees after each wear. When you remove the mask, put the mask in the wash and then wash your hands immediately. This is to reduce the risk of contamination from the surface. The masks are not recommended for those below the age of 2 or for those with breathing difficulties.

• 3 x layers of 100% cotton
• Pocket for extra filter to be inserted
• Metal nose strip for better fitting over the face
• Machine washable

Thank you to Earth Kind Creations for your support.

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