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After having our London families day, we have some surplus stock left for families who could not make the event.
Please only order one item per order so more families have a chance of receiving one.

Items include:

  • Oticon activity book
  • ‘Getting a Bone-Anchored Hearing Processor’ book by Oticon
  • Oticon pendrive
  • Oticon hearing aid shaped mints
  • Oticon pen
  • Oticon bag
  • BHM-Tech pencils

Thank you to BHM-Tech and Oticon for being sponsors of Microtia UK.

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BHM-Tech Colouring Pencils, Oticon Pendrive, Oticon Pen, Oticon Activity Book, Oticon Mints, Oticon Bag, Bone-Anchored Hearing Processor Book by Oticon

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