Grants Issued

Thanks to the Microtia community and their friends and families generosity, Microtia UK has recently been able to issue the following research grants:


1) Aston University, Dr Amanda Hall for further research into Single Sided Deafness – click here to participate

2) Centre for Appearance Research, University of England, Bristol for further research of psychological impact if Microtia.

3) Great Ormond Street Hospital for cell Incubator to try to improve ear and facial reconstruction method for the future.

4) Scottish National Ear Reconstruction Services & the University of Edinburgh for Scaffold identification for ear reconstruction.  All results be shared with the Microtia community and medical professionals linked to Microtia.

Dr Amanda Hall and Dr Helen Pryce, Aston University, with their grant cheque and certificate for research in to single sided deafness
Ali, Microtia UK Trustee with daughter Freya, presenting Neil Bulstrode, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Lead Clinician for the Department of Plastic Surgery at Great Ormond St Hospital, with a research grant